Install Drupal 6.20 on OpenSUSE 11.4


Simple installation walkthrough of OpenSUSE 11.4 and Drupal 6
Installation of OpenSUSE
- Run the setup of openSuse i will use "Minimal Server Selection".
- Install the default components
Installation of Web and LAMP Server
- start the Command Prompt
- Run Yast2
- Go to "Software Management"  and select "Software Manager".
- use Alt-F to enable the Filter "Patterns".
- Scroll down to "Web and LAMP Server".
- Start the installation.
Installation will include the following:
Apache HTTP Server
database management system MySQL
scipting language PHP, Python Ruby.
Apache configuration
After the initial installation go within Yast2 to "Network Services" and select "HTTP Server".
Enable the "HTTP Service" and select "Open Port in Firewall" and "Finish".
Now open with a web browser the ipaddress of your server or go to http://Localhost the message "It works!" should show.
Mysql configuration
In YaST2 go to "System" and select "System Services (Runlevel)".
Select mysql from the list and use F3 to enable the service.
Accept the message and it should return 0 or a succesfull start.
Drupal configuration
Copy or extract the Drupal directory in (example) /srv/www/htdocs/drupal/6

Open a terminal and set file and directory permissions on drupal:

chgrp -R www drupal
chmod -R g+rwx drupal

For secure configuration of Drupal:

Apache multi site configuration
- Go to "etc/apache2/vhost.d"
- Copy the vhost.template to (example) websitename1.conf
- Change values in websitename1.conf:

ServerAlias *
Documentroot /srv/www/htdocs/drupal/6