How to enable Image Browser with FCKeditor in Drupal


Image Browser
Image Api
ImageAPI GD2

Enable the following modules

- FCKeditor
- Image
- Image Browser
- Image Api
- ImageAPI GD2
- Views

Go to Administer|User Management|Permissions, and enable access for authenticated users and or anonymous users for the fckeditor module
- access fckeditor
- administer fckeditor
- allow fckeditor file uploads

If you want users of your website to see the original images you uploaded enable following under the image module
- view original images

Select which user may use the settings under imagebrowser module
- administer imagebrowser
- browse all images
- browse own images
- insert Image preset: Original
- insert Image preset: Preview
- insert Image preset: Thumbnail
- upload images
- view images

Go to the Administer|Site configuration|FCKeditor settings
Edit the Advanced or default profile (or other)
under Edit FCKeditor profile|File Browser Settings change the File browser type to Image Browser and save the configuration.

Create or edit a web page and try the FCKeditor with now possibility of using the uploading and selecting of images through the Image Browser when you insert an image.