Connecting to MySQL 5.1 with MySQL Tools 5.0


- Download the MySQL Tools for 5.0 at
- You can install the tools on the machine with the MySQL installation or on a remote machine
- Just run the setup with default settings and use the Complete Install option  
When done with the installation you will be able to start the MySQL Administrator 1.2.17
- Enter Localhost for the Server Host or the ip address of the computer.
- Port 3306 will be used by a default installation make sure this port is open (Firewall)
- after initial installation only the root user account will give you access to the server

If everything went well you should be able to administer your MySQL server
- Select the option Catalogs click with the right mouse button on the list box Schemata and select 
  create new Schema, this way you can create and add a new Catalog to your database.


Add a user
- Select the option User Administration click with the right mouse button on the list box Users Accounts
  and select add new user, enter the User Information and set Schema Priviliges to your new user, this
  will create a user with priviliges on the created catalog it will also be able to connect to the server from
  a remote computer (for development purposes i created a user Administrator with all priviliges for the