Configure MySQL 5.1 for Windows Server 2003


- After the initial setup of MySQL you will be able to configure the MySQL Server Instance  

If this is the first time you set up MySQL choose the Standard Configuration it will provide you with a general purpose configuration, it can be reconfigured later on for optimization etc.

Select the Install As Windows Service, this will let Windows start and stop the MySQL server on boot or shutdown.

Include Bin Directory In Windows Path this will make sure that when you open a command prompt(dos?) you do not have to type in the full path to the installation directory.

Enter a password for the (username) root user.
If you want to be able to access the database from a remote machine with the root user check the Enable root access from remote machines, better practise is to create a user with less priveleges later on and Enable access from remote machines.
Click the execute button and the Server should be configured registered and started.
 Or one could get a message like Could not start the service MySQL

If you get this message or any other error message try one of the following:

- Click back and try again (make sure you use the correct credentials)
- restart the server and open the MySQL Server Instance Config Wizard 
  remove the Instance and add it again (with the steps above)
- Check your Firewall/Anti Virus software port 3306 tcp (in case of Standard Installation) must be allowed

It looks like the MySQL server installed correctly, just to make sure if the server runs correct we will try to make a connection.
Connecting to MySQL 5.1 with MySQL Tools 5.0