Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows

hosts file for multiple site setup


For local setup of multiple sites on your server, for test or upgrade purpose:


for example:


XenApp 6.5 Cannot Contact the License Server

error message:

Xenapp license server fails to start and cannot be contacted

Create Multi Column Listbox with Xojo

A source code example how to create a multi column ListBox with Xojo programmatically and inserting data from a RecordSet.

Error Message: OLE |Dispatch exception code 0 from Microsoft Word

Error after mailmerge with office 2013 


OLE |Dispatch exception code 0 from Microsoft Word: The OpenDataSource method or property is not available because this command is not available for reading…


Add Application Pools as Users with IIS7

To add a Application pool/web site as a user to set up read and write permissions.

Only Numbers Letters in Uppercase in C# TextBox

To only allow numbers and letters in uppercase while typing in a C# TextBox use the following javascript

Find control on form and set value using C#

A simple example how to use FindControl to search for controls and objects on the current form with c# and set the properties and values.

Send email with C# and SMTP

Example source code how to send emails with Microsoft Visual Studio .net C# through a SMTP server with password verification/authentication.

MySQL ODBC Connection from C#

A simple example how to make a ODBC connection from c# to MYSQL and query the database.

Change port SQL server 2008

How to change the port on which Microsot SQL Sever 2008 is listening

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