1. hosts file for multiple site setup


    For local setup of multiple sites on your server, for test or upgrade purpose:


    for example:


  2. XenApp 6.5 Cannot Contact the License Server

    error message:

    Xenapp license server fails to start and cannot be contacted

  3. Create Multi Column Listbox with Xojo

    A source code example how to create a multi column ListBox with Xojo programmatically and inserting data from a RecordSet.

  4. Get stock quotes with JSON from Yahoo in Xojo

    A source code example how to use Xojo to get a list of stock quotes from the yahoo finance website using HTTPSocket and JSONItem to read and filter through the json response data.

  5. Error Message: OLE |Dispatch exception code 0 from Microsoft Word

    Error after mailmerge with office 2013 


    OLE |Dispatch exception code 0 from Microsoft Word: The OpenDataSource method or property is not available because this command is not available for reading…


  6. Add Application Pools as Users with IIS7

    To add a Application pool/web site as a user to set up read and write permissions.
  7. Only Numbers Letters in Uppercase in asp.net C# TextBox

    To only allow numbers and letters in uppercase while typing in a asp.net C# TextBox use the following javascript
  8. OSX Lion WIFI Ethernet connection loss

    Sudden problems with connecting to the internet / local network with OSX Lion without changing settings.

  9. NSString handling with Xcode

    Example code how to manipulate strings with XCode and NSString.
  10. Find control on form and set value using C#

    A simple example how to use FindControl to search for controls and objects on the current form with asp.net c# and set the properties and values.

  11. Insert records with NSManagedObject and Xcode

    Example code how to insert records / objects into a database with Xcode and the NSManagedObject.
  12. Convert NSNumber to NSInteger

    Example code how to convert NSNumber to NSInteger and NSInteger to NSNumber. 
  13. Convert NSString to int

    Example code how to convert NSString to int and how to convert int to NSString.
  14. How to remove duplicate records / objects from NSArray

    Example code how to remove duplicate records / objects from NSArray and return a NSMutableArray with a unique record set.
  15. How to change the size of a virtual hard disk with VirtualBox

    How to change the size for a VirtualBox harddisk image file